There's much to see here and on the "TUTORIAL's" page. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about AIRSOFT for BEGINNERS and those who want to up their game. We hope you enjoy these pages and find the content useful.


Basic BB Overview

A short introduction to Airsoft Ammo - BB's

Airsoft Magazine Types = Hi-Cap VS Mid-Cap

A brief overview of the two different types of Airsoft AEG Rifle magazines.

hi-cap magazine operation

A brief overview of the proper Use and Maintenence of the AEG Rifle magazine.

hop-up unit overview

A brief overview of how Hop-Up units work and the different types.

Green Gas VS CO2 for Airsoft Pistols

A quick overview and comparison of Airsoft Green Gas and CO2 powered Pistol magazines

airsoft battery types

A quick review of the different types, shapes and styles of Airsoft Batteries.

airsoft battery installation overview

A quick overview on the common Airsoft Rifle battery install options and configurations.

basic safety equipment

A general overview of required and suggested Airsoft safety equipment options.

airsoft eye protection

A more in-depth look at Airsoft safety Eye Protection systems.

optics for airsoft rifles

A general overview of the different types of Airsoft Optics, Red Dots and Reflex Sighting Systems.