meet our airsoft tech's


Brady - AKA - "TFAK"

 Brady is one of the store's owners, the operations manager, and the head tech at the Airsoft Headquarters in Waukesha. He's been playing airsoft since 2008 and has been doing professional Airsoft Repairs, Custom Airsoft Guns and Tech work since 2010. He started work for the company as a Field Ref at the Airsoft Arena, and then transferred to the store. He is very knowledgeable on a wide variety of different airsoft guns, equipment, and gear and is also a devoted collector.  Brady is also a Wolverine Certified HPA Technician.


Talon -AKA - "CHIEF"

 Talon is the store's assistant manager, social media director and AirsoftC3 Ambassador, and second tech for the Airsoft Headquarters. He started working with the company as a ref down at the Airsoft Arena and eventually transferred to the Airsoft Headquarters in Waukesha. He has played since 2011 and has been doing Airsoft Repairs since 2014. He is very knowledgeable about a wide selection of airsoft guns and accessories. Talon is also a Wolverine Certified HPA Technician.

upgrades, installations and repairs

All service work is warrantied against mechanical failure of repaired or replaced parts, for 30 days from completion.


your source for high end/quality custom airsoft products


Below is a Sample of TWO Different Custom Builds By TFAK Custom Builds

TFAK - "Xiphos PDW"


AEG 345fps 120Rd Magazine

  • VFC 416c PDW Stock
  • Full Metal Receiver
  • VFC Saber 8" MLOK Rail
  • G&P Meat Cutter Muzzle Brake
  • PEQ-15 Battery Box
  • VFC v2 Gearbox
  • VFC Rotary HopUp
  • 11.1v PEQ Lipo Battery "Deans"



AEG 345fps 430Rd Magazine

  • Side Folding Stock
  • Flat Top Rail w/Flip Up sights
  • Ambidextrous Controls
  • Railed Hand Guard
  • Vertical Grip Included
  • Neo High-Torque Motor
  • Ball Bearing Type Spring Guide
  • Full Metal Rack SHS Piston
  • Aluminum O-Ring Air Nozzle
  • 8mm Ball Bearings